* develop more controls for each of these programs and create an interface to allow realtime control of overall sound characteristics.

* create a generic minimal techno generator. some discussion on this topic has already come up on the IDM-Making list.

* interface sensors to EZKIT to allow for sound-control parameters to come from the real world. using accelerometers attached to your feet to control BPMs for a techno generator is one example application.

* develop some C code and binaries for all this so non EZKIT users can check out a more interactive version of the music.

* port to the blackfin architecture, which has ~12x signal processing power over the ADSP-2181 on the EZKIT.

* write a tutorial on how to start developing DSP code for embedded processors in as painless a fashion as possible.

if these topics interest you email me and i'll update you of any major additions to the project.

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